WBAI and Pacifica has gotten a new opportunity by the ending of the lease with the Empire State Building and the loan to pay off the debt.

We are now at Four Times Square and have reduced our transmitter rental costs by 75%.

This was due to people of good will around the country, the Pacifica National Board and our representatives, Kathyrn Davis, Ken Lauffer and Alex Steinberg.

We now have to rally locally and nationally as a network

Our goal, to turn WBAI and the Pacifica network so we pay off the debt and grow. We must do this to get Corporation for Public Broadcasting funding which will help WBAI and Pacifica

Our plan- to revolutionize our broadcasting and programming

We need to cease trying to sell WBAI or give it away to outside entities at bargain basement prices I am totally opposed to selling WBAI or turning it over to Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) or any other entity.

Listeners should read about the new Supreme Court case concerning MNN
that will be argued in the fall with Judge Kavanaugh sitting. This case is Manhattan Community Access Corporation (MCAC), known
(MNN) versus Petitioners DeeDee Halleck and Jesus Papoleto Melendez .

This will see Justice Brett Kavanaugh siding with MNN. I do not want WBAI or Pacifica allied with Justice Brett Michael Kavanaugh

I am 100% in favor of cooperating and working with ALL the Cable access TV stations in the Tri-State Area and obtaining any and all help they can give us. WBAI needs a broad coalition of allies and the good will of millions In the tri state area, the United States and the world to turn WBAI and Pacifica around.

Working together we can do this

I want to help WBAI work with mainstream and alternative cultural, educational, political, media and business organizations in the tristate area to rejuvenate WBAI. In line with the Pacifica mission statement and to help the network thrive

WBAI must increase its current audience by several times in order
To create the conditions for fiscal stability and health and this can happen with ALL working together.

We must strive together to make WBAI A beacon for energy for 
Millennials and post millennials from every community in the tristate area. The torch must be passed to them in order for WBAI to thrive and grow.
And we must move WBAI into the full panoply of the digital media revolution that is reshaping all media on a daily basis.

WBAI must radically change our programming so it impacts millions and this can and must happen.

Finally, WBAI and Pacifica can and will become an even more powerful MASS platform to change America and fight the neo-fascism of Trumpism from destroying the world.

We can have a local, national and global impact. This is an imperative that will allow us To RADICALLY CHANGE The United States and the World

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