I am a NY City public hospital social worker with a focus on substance abuse and post- traumatic stress disorder a. nd a member of Local 768 (the Health Service Employees Union), Vietnam Veterans Against The War and ACLU. I edit the Military Resistance Newsletter, which can be found at The purpose of military resistance is to give aid and comfort to members of the armed forces organizing to end the war of empire in the Middle East.  The long term objective is to assist in eliminating all wars of empire by eliminating all empires. Members of the armed forces have the right and duty to act against dictatorships commanding their services, and to assist civilian movements against dictatorship. This applies whether a political dictatorship imposed by force of arms or a political dictatorship imposed by those in command of the resources of society using their wealth to purchase the political leadership. One of my WBAI objectives: is increased involvement by NY National Guard/reserves/veterans and their families in military resistance actions.