I am Mitchel Cohen.

I coordinate the No Spray Coalition against pesticides and chaired WBAI’s Local Board from 2008–2012. Since then, the board lacks focus and has been intentionally diverted from serving WBAI’s best interests. LET’S CHANGE THAT!

WBAI’s listeners, volunteers and staff have had to act independent of the local board to accomplish critical improvements that are finally coming to fruition:

  • Keeping WBAI alive, on the air, and democratically controlled by listeners and staff, against all odds.
  • Extricating ourselves from scandalous contracts with 120 Wall Street and the Empire State Building. Together, they were soaking us for $85,000 every month — over $1 million/year. We now rent 4 Times Square’s antenna for 1/4 the amount, and with a stronger signal.
  • Continuing to elect good reps to the National Board is priority number one!
  • Preventing the leasing, sale, swap or give-away of WBAI’s signal to Manhattan Neighborhood Network or any corporate entity. Some candidates, unfortunately, are proposing again to lease-out the station. I will continue to oppose it. Don’t vote for candidates who want to give the station away! Your vote here really does matter.
  • Supporting freedom for Julian Assange, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier across the network, and challenging both electoral parties’ hatred for whistleblowers, anti-warriors, and truth-seekers.

Let’s build on those achievements, and clear away roadblocks. We need to:

  • Greatly expand WBAI’s audience and membership!
  • Restore WBAI’s once cutting-edge and radical news team.
  • Rebuild the volunteer culture at WBAI. Hooray for WBAI’s listener volunteers for stepping up and packing all of WBAI’s premiums! A functional Board could ensure that thank-you gifts are sent out promptly, donors (members) and volunteers treated respectfully, programming sharpened, management properly evaluated, the website regularly upgraded, and the station made financially sustainable.
  • Regain millions in public broadcasting grants. $3.2 million has been lost in CPB grants to WBAI by Pacifica’s national office in Berkeley. (Was that obstruction intentional, in order to force the leasing-out of the station?)
  • Refurbish the equipment. Phones, Mixers, CD players, Soundproofing. Modernize.

Behind-the-scenes, I’ve established teams of volunteers to get the work done; searched and found WBAI’s current studio space, saving $15,000/month; organized exciting benefits for WBAI: Phil Ochs’ 75th birthday celebration; a high school student arts showcase; a debate between local City Council candidates; a monthly concert series. Some staff members have sponsored regular public events too – more need to do so!

As we move forward, let’s honor those WBAIers who gave so much to WBAI, and who’ve passed away: Michael Ratner, Eric Williams, Samori Marksman, Carl Makower, Therese Chorun, Steffie Brooks, Andrea Fishman, Bill Koehnlein, Ibrahim Gonzalez, Lillian Pollak, Joel Kovel, Lynne Stewart, Dorothy Klein, Robert Knight, Margot Adler, Elombe Brath, Paul Williams, Lynne Rosen, John Littig, Ray Korona, Sandy Boyer, Dave Nolan, Simon Loekle, Dani Lamar Williams, Grandpa Al Lewis, Jim Krivo, and a dozen more!

Their memory guides us. WBAI shall rise again … together.

Support WBAI radio, vote for good board members … and Organize!


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