1. Why do you want to be on the Local Station Board? 

To stop the WBAI License from being given away or sold.

2. How do you envision the Local Station Board working with the Pacifica Foundation, your station, and the community? 

The LSB needs to work with Pacifica and the community to increase membership to WBAI

3. How could the station better serve its listeners? 

By identifying and correcting fake news found in other media more often

4 .Describe some actions you would take to increase the influence of the station in underrepresented communities and to increase the diversity of
the listening audience? 

College students and young people in general are underrepresented communities, and by advertising to these communities you will increase the influence of WBAI, and increase the diversity of the listening audience. 

5. What sources of funding, other than listener donations, do you feel thestation should solicit? 

WBAI needs to solicit grant money, and CPB money.

6. Please state briefly the skills, experience, educational background, workhistory, organizational affiliations, areas of community service, areas of interest and expertise that you would bring to the Pacifica network as a member of the Local Station Board. 

I graduated college and did some community and political organizing.
Currently serving on the WBAI Community Advisory Board. Areas of 
interest are inventing, natural healing and herbs.

7. Do you anticipate missing any Local Station Board meetings due to family or job related problems or inadequate transportation? 

I have been on the WBAI Community Advisory Board for three years and never missed a meeting,

8. On which Local Station Board committees are you interested in actively serving? If you are a current Local Station Board member, on which committees do you currently serve?

 I would like to serve on the Program Committee. 

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