I am Kevin Keating. I am a cinematographer and director of documentary films. My major cinematography credits are on Harlan County U.S.A. (1976), American Dream(1990), When We Were Kings (1996), and Soul Power (2008). I directed the film Giuliani Time (2006).

I am a long time WBAI listener and attend Community Advisory Board meetings. I have assisted the CAB on special projects.

For WBAI, my goals are to:

  • stop the possible sale or lease of the station
  • improve programming
  • restore station listenership, membership and revenue streams
  • regain listener trust by the timely sending of fund drive premiums

As a cinematographer I have been fortunate to work on documentaries which have shed light on imperialism, corporate power, racism and the struggle for Black Power.

As the director of Giuliani Time, my goal was to paint a fuller picture of the public life of the former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani. The DVD has been used as a WBAI fund drive premium.

The Village Voice called Giuliani Time “an incisive portrait of power seizure and class combat as it was performed, by the numbers, on the municipal level.”

Rotten Tomatoes wrote, “filmmaker Kevin Keating focuses on Giuliani’s early years in politics, his often controversial and uncharitable stands on civil rights, social services, education, and law enforcement, and his political ambitions after leaving the mayor’s office….” Rotten Tomatoes reviewers gave the film an 85% rating.