Candidate Statement 2016

My name is Rebecca Naegele and I seek to contribute to WBAI in a participatory way to uphold noncommercial progressive radio. As an avid listener for years, I listen to Democracy Now!, Richard Wolff’s Economic Update, and Joy of Resistance regularly. I see the importance of Pacifica and value WBAI as a democratic form of adult education.

My own work merges the study of neoliberalism with sculptural practice; I am a Whitney Independent Study Program participant for 2016-17, which has a long history of framing contemporary art through Marxist and feminist theory.

I have taken classes which meet near the WBAI offices through the Marxist Education project, Brooklyn Institute, and GCAS. I actively campaigned for Bernie Sanders this past year.

I have experience working co-operatively as a working member of Manhattan’s 4th Street Food Co-op. I am endorsed by Grace Aaron, Frank LeFever, James Sagurton, and Arun Aguiar.


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