Davis, Kathy-best

Producer of Health Action and Certified QiGong healer


Candidate Statement 2016

My full name is Kathryn Annette Davis. Many know me as Kathy Davis. I have loved WBAI Pacifica for decades and started working as a host/producer about 30 years ago.

I’ve served as the Public Affairs Director for 10 years and have been on the Local Station Board and Pacifica National Board in the past.

I am running for a position on the Local Station Board because I hope to help and contribute to the survival and growth of the radio station.

My purpose is to represent the best interests of the staff and listeners and to work with my colleagues on the LSB to help raise funds to support the station. In order do this effectively I will work toward building audience and community awareness.

Another goal is to streamline governance and help to build greater efficiency into station functioning.