Army and DoD Veteran and social science advocate.


My name is John Kirbow. I am an Army and DoD Veteran and a social science advocate. I have seen the damage done by political dogmatism, partisan tribalism and polarizing ideology, from our damaged neighborhoods here at home to diverse locations around the world, from South America, Africa, and the Balkans, to the Middle East and Central Asia. It has hurt us here at home, on almost every front and issue. Our very ability to have conversations and to reason critically, is under attack by rigid ideology and politically dogmatic modes of thinking. I am tired of seeing political dogmatism get a free pass, while science, free thinking and reason continue to be pushed to the margins of our political conversations by the Left and the Right. 

I am fighting a homefront battle for a revival of reason and scientific thinking within American politics and ideology.

I’m working – from the pub and street corner to the halls of academia and activism – to help build a movement around this aim, and I offer solidarity with anyone who wishes to collaborate or express a similar aspiration.

It is time that the values of science, free thinking and skepticism are given a more respectable platform. A more widely shared platform alongside the narratives of Left and Right ideology and dogma which have traditionally monopolized our political discourse and policy conversations.

In short, we need to intellectually break up these monopolies, on the Left and on the Right. In doing this, we would be striving for a kind of creative destruction through the power of new ideas and fresh discussions, by challenging the role of dogmatic political ideology at its very roots. This would be intellectual innovation across every form of media and every hall of discussion. We should work to shake the status quo, and wake up a sleeping giant of closeted free thinkers and frustrated rationalists across the American landscape.