Sagurton, James-cropped

Long-time peace activist and WBAI premium fulfillment recovery organizer


Candidate Statement 2016

 I am James R. Sagurton. I’ve been a volunteer at the station for the past four years. I am a member of the Finance Committee and the Community Advisory Board. I am running for the Local Station Board to try to help the station I love.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours working for and learning about station.

There is no time for fighting, arcane arguments and elaborate plans.

My candidate statement of 2015 warned of impending bankruptcy that could mean the sale of WBAI. That was not popular (and I lost!). Now, we have reached the tipping point.

Our phones are shut off for nonpayment ($28,000). We owe the fundraising call center tens of thousands. Without phones and someone to answer them we can not raise funds on the air!

We are behind on our rent. Membership is down. Thousands of premiums remain undelivered.

The General Manager is despondent and told me, “WBAI is finished, it’s over.”

Well, I say we fight on until they lock the doors!

We must recommit to the volunteer culture at WBAI. We can raise emergency funds by email.

Workers run cooperatives and we can run WBAI!


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