LeFever, Frank-Good-his photo

Ditch digger, Carpenter, and Neuroscientist at Helen Hayes Hospital


Candidate Statement 2016

I’m Frank LeFever, retired neuroscientist (still active but not paid). Have been ditch digger, carpenter, and other things. Refused induction into the army. Life history  and activism (online and on the street) on full view on Facebook.

For over a decade I’ve used my own time and money to publicize WBAI (leaflets in the street, ads  in print publications), trying to do what management  should do.

This spring, as usual, I provided an exhibit table for WBAI at Left Forum, recruited volunteers  to distribute WBAI leaflets beyond the table.

If reelected to LSB and reelected Director on the PNB I’ll make a Director’s Inspection of WBAI’s accounts and off-site
storage room.

Rumor of a recent Director’s Inspection of WBAI accounts?  I suspect a whitewash. Neither I nor  other new directors from WBAI have been allowed into PNB  meetings.

1. In what ways is the station moving in a positive direction, that you would want to continue or perhaps improve?
Individuals getting involved via CAB (Community Advisory Board) and simply as individuals. Not in the numbers we saw 15 years ago, but more than we saw 1 or 2 years ago. Volunteers taking the initiative do do things management should do but does not do — with or without management’s “permission”.
2. In what ways is the station moving in a negative direction, that you would want to stop or change? What changes would you work for?
Increasing dependence on “impulse buyers” who are technically “members” because of paying more than $25 to get “premiums” but having no true interest in WBAI continuity and governance. I would work for better Customer Service of those who do make such donations, so as to recruit them as true members — as well as getting pledges fulfilled.
3. What key experience, connections, skills or traits would you bring to the Local Station Board to advance the station’s mission?
Experience outside of WBAI in occupations that demanded actual WORK towards concrete goals, rather than rewarding mere rhetorical skill. These ranged from carpentry to neuroscientific research. Within WBAI and Pacifica (via PNB Committees), I have learned what works and does not work the hard way, from countless hours of time spent in these talk-fests.
4. What ideas do you have for helping the station and the Pacifica Foundation meet the financial challenges currently being faced?
(1) Customer Service. Designated volunteer with responsibility for receiving complaints and power to address them until the customer (Listener) is satisfied. (2) Pay-forward procedures. Premiums ready to mail BEFORE invoices are sent. Small “direct mail” requests yielding donations sufficient to fund subsequent larger mailings. Long range, starting NOW, a page on website from which people could download black & white WBAI flyers they could distribute in their own neighborhoods, sparing them a trip to 388 Atlantic Avenue. We need to tell people within range of 99.5FM that we exist.


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