Vote by Mail or On-Line Right Now!

Once you receive your paper ballot (coming in a bright yellow envelope) you can fill it out and mail it in or you can vote on line.

It’s your choice, but you must meet the deadline.

Your ballot must be received by (not postmarked) Sept. 30, 2016, 11:59 pm Eastern Daylight Time.

Be sure to mail the ballot at least a few days before then.

If you wait too long, your ballot will arrive late and will not be counted

These are the candidates we support: Listener candidates are on the left and staff candidates are on the right. Mark your ballots in the ranking order suggested below.

Please vote for all of our candidates. Do not mark any two or more candidates with the same rank, as your ballot may be voided. There is one space on your ballot for a write-in candidate, but you may draw more lines and add up to all 4 write-ins and we encourage you to do so.

Voting with the Paper Ballot:

You have to put a 47¢ STAMP on the envelope

Follow the instructions that come with the ballot.

You can make a copy of your ballot if you want too, but you have to mail in the original.

Remember, the ballot Must Be Received by Sept. 30, 2016.


Voting on Line:

    1. On the ballot you received in the mail there is an 8 digit pin on the section that says “stub.”
    2. Go to this web site:
    3. Follow the instructions on your screen to cast your vote.
    4. If possible, please keep a screen shot of your filled in ballot in case it’s needed for an audit in the future.

Thanks for voting. Tell your friends to vote, too.

We need at least 10% of the membership to vote or else the election will be invalidated.

If you didn’t get your ballot or lost it or you need help,
email or call King Reilly: (323) 839-0985

King is a KPFK listener-sponsor who has graciously agreed to assist any voters who need assistance.