Update: Preliminary election results show that voters supported the WBAI Indy Caucus overwhelmingly. Thank you!

Every Indy Caucus candidate on the ballot was elected – without exception.

We are so grateful for your support.

WBAI 99.5 FM in NYC. Is it a resource or an expense?

Are you kidding? An FM station in the middle of the commercial dial, able to reach 18 million listeners in the media, financial and cultural capital of the US?

Here’s the election in a nutshell: Should WBAI be sold to patch up the shaky finances of the other Pacifica stations?

That’s what board members from those other stations want to do.  WBAI Indy Caucus candidates say “Hell No!”


Which means you have two choices:

— You can either sit back, do nothing and say goodbye to 99.5-FM

— Or you can use your ballot to elect members of the Indy Caucus so they can veto the sale of WBAI and kick out managers whose incompetence has pushed Pacifica into near-bankruptcy.

Because it is an FM station in the middle of the commercial dial — able to reach 18 million people — WBAI is an irreplaceable resource. Don’t let it be sold. Vote for the Indy candidates who will veto the sale of WBAI and end the mismanagement of Pacifica.

And by the way, unlike the upcoming presidential election, this election offers you a real choice. So please choose to save WBAI by voting Indy.



Reggie Johnson, Max Schmid, Kathryn Davis, Randy Credico


pjimage (1)

Frank LeFever, Ken Laufer


Rebecca Naegele, Carl Makower

Michael Ochoa, James Sagurton

John Kirbow (Write-In), Tom Barton (Write-In)


Kevin Keating (Write-In)

Endorsers & Voices to keep on air

What can creative, socially conscious people do with an FM radio station able to reach 18,000,000 ears in NYC?

“During the decade  I have observed WBAI , I have never seen anybody make an investment  in advertising the existence of WBAI or an investment in expanding  technical capacity or coverage of local or regional affairs in politics, or in the arts”. *

*  [Frank LeFever, Listener delegate on the Local Station Board]

Please vote for the Indy Caucus candidates (and only the Indy Caucus candidates in this order. You should also list and rank one or more of our four write-in candidates

1. Frank LeFlever

2. Ken Laufer

3. Jim Sagurton

4. Rebecca Naegele

5. Michael Ochoa

6. Carl Makower

Write-In Candidates: Tom Barton; Kevin Keating; John Kirbow; Julia Bevak


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On the contrary!

This is a proudly independent website, supported entirely by voluntary contributions from hundreds of concerned staff members, producers and on-air broadcasters at all five Pacifica stations — as well as thousands of Pacifica members — who have become dismayed and alarmed by the rogue faction on Pacifica’s Board of Directors that has so badly mismanaged the foundation, cancelled so many of its most important programs, and driven away such large numbers of its listeners.

Our purpose is to rescue and rehabilitate Pacifica’s finances and programming, and return the network to its original mission of informing and educating the progressive communities that it was created to serve.